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Sala terapeutica

I receive only by appointment

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 


Galeno clinics in San Siro, CO, Italy

La Breva Medical Center in Gravedona ed Uniti, CO, Italy

Domicile (within 10 km from San Siro) 

The answers to your doubts

Why choose a holistic treatment? 

The holistic treatment works on prevention, enhances the psycho-physical balance and stimulates the person's vital resources through natural elements.

What should I do before and after the treatment?

I recommend arriving on time or a few minutes early so you can prepare for the massage calmly and calmly.

Let go of all negative thoughts, just think about relaxing.

After the treatment I recommend taking a moment for yourself, drinking lots of water or herbal teas to help purify the body of toxins to facilitate their elimination.

Are there any contraindications?

Holistic treatments do not cause side effects.

They are not performed in cases of: injuries, pathologies with feverish states, heart disease, renal failure, circulatory problems such as thrombosis and fever; 

infectious diseases, tumors, people who have undergone surgery in the previous 3 months.

If in doubt, contact your doctor 

Do you provide home massages?

Yes, within 10km of the municipality of San Siro, CO. The treatments will be performed on a massage table or ergonomic chair, the operator will also provide towels, incense and relaxing music to  recreate the right atmosphere for relaxation in your home. 


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